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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Laptop Case (Katy Perry)

Katy Perry gets out of her Audi as she heads to an office building holding onto her MacBook and sporting some retro white glasses. The popstar, seen wearing a heart-print tank and black leggings, just signed on to play Smurfette in the upcoming big screen version of "The Smurfs.


Krizia said...

And not to forget that gorgeous Chanel-bag! :D

x Krizia


YGND said...

Who is the laptop case by?

Denver Painters said...

Oops, She left her door open! :lol:

Jolly Princess said...

Legging is very comfortable to wear. I wear legging pants at work. :)

loveable_homebody said...

Hey, you recently added me to Twitter (I'm cartooninperson). That's how I found this blog. Katy's so cute and fun. She'll make a great Smurfette!

Dr. Dean Brandon said...

I'm no expert but, black white grey-it all goes together, but wouldn't a little color help? Katy is not usually one for subtlety. I guess that fits the Mac theme. Oh, and she probably has a person to close doors for her. I actually see her in a bright red Mercedes or even a mini cooper.

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